Britannia Cars

CompanyBritannia Car Hire Services Limited



PlatformsBootstrap / CodeIgnitor

The Company

Britannia Cars is a Multi Taxi service which operates in Crawly, West Sussex, UK. They are specialized in Airport Pick Up and Drop Off. They mainly covers entire West Sussex. Their cab ranges from low fares to Luxury fares.



There were four colors used throughout the website. First color was Universal Black which was used as a header background. Second color was from Green's Family which was used as an Primary Accent color. Third color was from Grey's Family which was used as a background for certain elements. And last color was from twhite's Family which was used as secondary accent color wherever it needed.



This entire website is completely driven by only one font 'Raleway'. The entire family of Raleway is used throughout the website from Normal to Extra Bold.


Responsive 'Desktop'

The site is well optimized for all media screens. The 'Desktop' version uses media screen size greater than 1200px wide which will render pixel perfect webpage for Smart TVs too.


Responsive 'Tablet'

The Tablet version of the website uses media screen size from 768px to 1200px wide. This version of website reduces the twhite spaces and other elements to make it look good on Tablets and Desktop.


Responsive 'Mobile'

The Mobile version of the website uses media screen sizes from 480px to 768px and below 480px wide. This version of website removes all the images and make it text only appearance in the Mobile Devices.

Choosing someone to design a website can be a daunting process especially if, like me, you have very little computer knowledge! Having initially made the wrong choice in web designer, I cautiously approached Madhu who was most helpful on first contact. He designed an Cab Service website for us and I’m delighted with the result, not only from the point of view as to how the site looks but also with the number of sales it has generated. Madhu provides an extremely professional service with fast and efficient response times and excellent back-up support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Madhu.


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